Khamis, 27 September 2007

buffet ramadhan...

yang aku bayar : rm23.90

yang mampu aku makan : -
  1. double cheese burger
  2. nugget 8 piece
  3. sundae chocolate
  4. banana pie
  5. chicken mcdeluxe
  6. coffee
  7. f&n orange
  8. ayam seketul
hurm, rasa macam kena tipu pulak.

korang rasa ?


Rabu, 26 September 2007


there's a difference between an astronaut and a spaceflight participant.

go wiki. :)

after all the millions spend?

is that all we got?

hurm, something is wrong.

(ni, aku malas nak pikir masalah negara nie.)


Isnin, 24 September 2007

hi you...

... I wonder what you're doing
imagine where you are
there's oceans in between us
but that's not very far...
(Puddle of Mudd - Blurry)

... Why are you so far away from me?
I need help and you're way across the sea
I could never touch you
I think it would be wrong...
(Weezer - Across the Sea)

Jumaat, 21 September 2007

work ethic...

Work ethic is a set of values based on the moral virtues of hard work and diligence.

It is also a belief in moral benefit of work and its ability to enhance character.

A work ethic may include being reliable, having initiative or maintaining social skills.

(source: Wikipedia)

hurm, i wonder if i still got it..?




Selasa, 18 September 2007


Secret Identity
Mohd Azlan Z.A
Environment Engineer
Age: 27

Super Powers
Reading people's mind and seer the future.

Iklan - gadis2 yg lalu lalang.

Fighting For
True Love...

Catch Phrase
"Hari-hari makan megi; boring juge..!"

Jumaat, 14 September 2007

first day...

first day...

terawih, checked.

sahur, checked.

alhamdulillah berjaya aku menahan diri dari lapar dan dahaga serta perkara2 yang boleh membatalkan puasa dari terbit fajar sehingga terbenam matahari. (pergh lulus pafa, beb)

cuma apa yang pasti...

aku sangap...

dunhill 14...


Rabu, 12 September 2007

salam ramadhan.

salam ramadhan.

selamat menyambut bulan penuh mulia.

puasa jangan x puasa.

rajin2 bangun sahur.

rajin2 pergi tarawih.

rajin2 mengaji.

jangan lupa bayar zakat fitrah.

sekian, ingatan kepada diri sendiri.


Selasa, 11 September 2007


“A man travels the world in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it.” – George Moore, 1873 - 1958

i think i knew what this guy meant.

one word.



Isnin, 10 September 2007

5 days holiday...

i was on a holiday from last wednesday to sunday.

the first 3 days was nothing but stay at home, watching astro reruns and surfing the net.

also had a good nescafe tarik session at my favourite mamak
stall; ali's bistro.

oh ya, chicken chop at nz bawah is not bad either.

ada cheese okay.


saturday was a different story.

went to planet hollywood for the
kami gig.

finally i met uncle hussain and sing along the lagu untukmu with all the crowd.

lamer giler x pegi gig. teringat zaman muda2 dulu. LOL !

zaman underground scene untuk bangkit sudah tiba...


nota tambahan: malam tu plak gi karaoke kat yow chuan. wa rap pisang panas beb. hehe (thanx sheemi for reminding. LOL)

sunday dimulakan dengan minam petang di ali b; great conversation with a lot of topics.

dinner at suzy's ampang - nice grilled chicken chop i might say. (chicken chop lagi!)

bowling at flamengo, ampang.

morale: never bowl with full stomach.


Rabu, 5 September 2007

me autobots... you ?

Jazz picked his sports car form because it’s the epitome of style.
If there’s one thing he digs about Earth, it’s human culture.

Like Jazz, you are good by nature.
But beware because mischievous thoughts sometimes tempt you.
You want to be a leader and show some promise, but you have much to learn.
In addition, you enjoy being one step ahead of your friends as far as trends and technology.

Selasa, 4 September 2007

4 perkara...

4 things that scare me:
- when ur time is up tapi x sempat mengucap...
- malam jumaat, then suddenly bulu roma meremang...
- lepak kat opis sabtu petang, rasa macam ada benda sedang perati...
- the potential of getting my heart broken again and again...

4 people who make me laugh:
- dad (we inherited his funny bone)
- the tuichis (this one a combo)
- ishi (the silent killer)
- bloggers like chic, tina and nezjoe etc2 (with their writings...)

4 things i love:
- my family
- my friends
- my 'future' wife
- my 'future' kids (LOL!)

4 things i hate:
- when liverpool losing...
- wasting money on unnecessary stuff
- the prospect of being alone...
- my job ?

4 things i don't understand:
- why people need to judge people?
- why people like to underestimate people ?
- why i like to dump people instead of being dumped?
- why i got trust issue ?

4 things on my desk:
- my laptop
- my 6111
- my mug (a gift from a practical student...)
- work documents...

4 things i'm doing right:
- this tag
- repaired the internet connection
- managing my fantasy football teams
- blog hopping...

4 things i want to do before i die:
- watch liverpool in action live.
- mengerjakan haji di mekah.
- tour europe
- las vegas, baby ! haha.

4 simple things to describe my personality:
- moody
- pemalas
- suka buat lawak bodoh
- boring.

4 things i can't do:
- mengorat perempuan yg x dikenali
- sambung belajar
- menjadi kuli orang
- letting the girl pay for a date.
yup, i'm dat old skool. ;)


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