Sabtu, 23 Ogos 2008

birthday / sand

an ex miss called me this morning, (rindu kot? NOT! haha)
so i text her,

me: ?
her: birthday saya 25hb nie...
me: so?
her: ... (x jawab terus)

p/s: she's engaged and still hoping i buy gift for her? come on la, aper guna tunang ko tue..? zzz....


during lunch with the consultant, he stopped by at the hardware store, i asked why...

me: apersal?
him: nak beli guni...
me: nak wat per?
him: nak amik pasir laut, bos aku nak letak dalam akuarium.
me: aper? pasir laut? letak dalam akuarium? bos kau suruh? (aku dah bantai gelak gila dah)

p/s2: bos dia kat kl, mamat nie kat kt. ade ka patut? er, dah x de pasir ke kat kl tue?

macam macam.


Selasa, 19 Ogos 2008

Cypress Tree

Cypress Tree (the Faithfullness)
- strong, muscular, adaptable, takes
what life has to give but doesn't
necessarily like it, strives to be content,
optimistic, wants to be financially independent,
wants love and affection, hates loneliness,
passionate lover which cannot be satisfied,
faithful, quick-tempered at times,
can be unruly and careless,
loves to gain knowledge,
needs to be needed.

What is your tree..?


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