Jumaat, 22 Februari 2008

aku di kt...

ketibaan gua di site dengan penuh gaya...

silap2 jadi site engineer la pulok...

yer sayang, nanti abg beli coki2...

sekali ada orang candid gambar wa daa...

Jumaat, 15 Februari 2008

a love poem maybe?

(atas permintaan abg sasa...)

i know i let you down,
i know i make you sad,
i'm a jerk and i admit that.

maybe i need time,
maybe i need to grow up,

i know that i'm not perfect for you,
but to me,
you are what i need...

(upload - delete - upload balik - LOL!)

Ahad, 10 Februari 2008

a trip to jb...

the vibrator reunion...
it started when Dan prank called me
about the project parit di putrajaya.
knowing that i'm gonna be at trengganu
for the next 15 months, make me to
agree to went to jb; meeting the guys.
it was like old time sake.
people never change, i guess.
old stories reminisce.
new stories were updated.
man, feels like the good old days...
a lot of mamak session at our old time
favourite, RESTORAN AYUB. heh.
my personal thanx to :-
abg sasa - guitarist
babat - rhytm and vocals
wak - bass
dan - vocalist
hope to see you guys, soon. heh.
now back to the matrix.


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