Selasa, 29 Julai 2008


it's just a number, right?

sumpah in denial.



make love not war.

cheers? ;)

Rabu, 23 Julai 2008

lawak pak cik gerai...

we were taking a break after a site visit with the environment consultant.

we decide to have a drink at one stall near the beach.

my pm asked the stall owner, "air apa ada sini..?"

without hesitation he answered, "air laut ada sini..."

seeing us awkward and fail to react with his joke(?), he continue, "air kopi ada, teh ada..."

air laut eh pak cik..?

funny old man.


Isnin, 21 Julai 2008

The Dark Knight vs Hellboy

watched both, personally i like hellboy better... ;)

the festival...

" kita suka berada di sini,
kita suka berada di sarawak,
kita suka berada di sini,
terima kasih banyak,banyak,banyak..."

see ya next year..?


Selasa, 8 Julai 2008

angel vs devil...

it's an epic struggle...
it's an everyday battle...
i guess so...
sometimes the angel won...
but the devil got their fair share too...
i wonder...
what if..?
last i checked,
the devil won...

p/s: cherating was nice... :)

Khamis, 3 Julai 2008

the scandal...

the scandal.
suspected it a long time ago.
now, the truth is out there.
people talking.
people making jokes.
the truth?
i pity them.

p/s: thank god, it's just a phase. :)


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