Jumaat, 6 November 2009

I come (late), I saw (bullshit), I conquer (nothing)

(blogging che det style)

1. A highly paid worker, especially europeans (er Dutch maybe?) is very strict on time management.

2. If you said your working hours is 0700-1900. Then you should comply with it.

3. The funny part is, certain companies made such absurd rules.

4. My experience is , " rules are meant to be broken... "

5. Or maybe, rules can be bend just to make certain people feel comfort with their working hours.

6. A low paid worker, (Malaysians maybe?) don't give a rat arse about time management.

7. They only comply with the rules, if their bosses were around and then same old habit returns.

8. In situation like this, problems arise when this 2 kind of worker joint venture.

9. Strike one is okay, strike two is warning and strike three you out.

10. Yours truly had been sent back to the head office.

11. At the head office, questions are asked, confessions were made and penalized will be in the future.

12. Some are mad, some are laughing.

13. But this is a serious matter.

14. In all seriousness, work related issue should not mixed up with personal matters.

15. Human resource people should deal with yours truly not thy wife.

16. It is so frustrating when this kind of people mixed (fucked) up profesionalism and personal matters.

17. In the end, head office agreed to give yours truly a second chance. (or maybe last?)

18. Now, writing this from the site office in Kuching.

Question of the day: Since when Malaysian Airlines serve Ferraro Rocher during meals?

Azlan "Too Much Air Asia flights" Zainal.


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