Selasa, 28 Disember 2010

Level 5.5

Level 5.5

Mission: Dredging Works @ Boustead Naval Shipyard

Job: Macai yang keji lagi hina...

How do I get this gig: As per instructed by Managing Director.

Ally: Taufik & Survey Dept.

Skills: Site Diary, PR and late nights...

Verdict: Need to learn new language... LOL!

Ahad, 19 Disember 2010

Lumut 2010 Part 2

nice view, eh?
pic taken from site office cum condo...
haha !
sometimes, i felt lucky n loving this job...
sometimes, NOT !

Selasa, 14 Disember 2010

Jumaat, 10 Disember 2010


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