Khamis, 29 Julai 2010


So, 30 years ago Puan Halijah gave birth to Encik Zainul 1st son, Mohd Azlan.

The rest is history.


Thank you for the early prize (ma wifey!), facebook wishes (frens & family) & sms wishes (dedek ko memang rare!)

Here's for being 30.

If i gonna die 60, bring it on mid life crisis...


Rabu, 14 Julai 2010

Post World Cup Disorder

I kept posting World Cup status on my Facebook.

Yabib told me I had a Post World Cup Disorder.

Seriously man, u got to miss World Cup.

It came once in 4 years.

Next World Cup will be in Brazil 2014.

Damn man. I will be 34 and Ain will be 4 years old.

Maybe that time I will buy cute little England jersey for her.


How was your World Cup?

Did your team win?

Did you make some money while at it?


As for me, England Suck Royal Ass man…


As long as Sultan bola reigns, no chance in Hell man…


Selasa, 6 Julai 2010


Expectations are high.

A mother wants the best for them child.

A father wants the same either.

A wife wants the best out of his husband.

Let alone the child.

Sometimes, people expecting too much

In the end, they got frustrated because expectations are too high to achieve.

As a pessimist, I don't expect much.

Therefore, no frustration


It's not I don't want to change.

It's the lazy me who need not to embrace the change.


Because I am me

Lazy me


U can babble all you want, forwarding those self improve email and what not.

In the end of the day,

I will always be me.

I am what I am.


Aran 'wtf England?' Zedo


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